Importance Of Showing Gratitute

Showing gratitude is not always easy. Your surroundings can affect your attitude towards life, and when it is stressful, you may end up being ungrateful. Remember being ungrateful can make your life depressing, lonely and impoverished. Living an enriched life starts with being grateful. When you show gratitude, your moods are elevated, and you feel energized and inspired. Remember charity begins at home and that your child can learn a lot regarding gratitude from you. Start by showing gratitude to her and the people around you so that she finds it easier to follow your steps in showing others gratitude.

Showing gratitude

Gratitude makes one more stress resistant

Stress sucks. Anybody can be stressed. Children too can be stressed. No parent wants to see their children under stress. If staying away or resisting from stress is going to be brought about by being grateful, then why not teach your children the attitude of showing gratitude? When your child shows feelings of thankfulness even when stressed, they gain a positive energy and a perspective that enables them to interpret negative life events in a certain way, enabling them to cope with feelings such as stress and anxiety.

Grateful people have improved self-esteem

Self-esteem can be damaged by comparisons. If your child looks at her friend’s drawing and notices hers (friends) is better than hers, she will blame it on her inability to draw nicely. She will not believe in herself, and her confidence will be crashed down. But when your child is grateful for the fact that she can draw, chances of social comparisons are lowered. She will find no reason to resent or hate her friend’s work, but rather celebrate her achievement. Her self-esteem will not be tampered with, and in any case, it will go up.

Grateful people are more empathetic and less aggressive

Even when your child’s friend are less kindly and don’t treat her nicely, she is more likely going to behave prosocially if she is a grateful person. Studies have shown that the more grateful a person is, the less likely they are going to retaliate against others, even when they are faced with negativity. A grateful person becomes sensitive and empathetic towards the people around him and is less likely going to seek for revenge.

Grateful people make more friends

Using a phrase such as “thank you” does not only appear as a good gesture but also a way of winning new friends, according to a study published in 2004 in Emotion. The study indicated that thanking a new friend makes them more likely to seek a continuing relationship. In the case of your children, when they show gratitude and thank people for the things they do for them, they increase chances of making those new people actual friends at the end of the day.…

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