Feet Health

Our feet play a major role in helping us maintain a good posture. This is to the ladies, you might be on narrow shoes or high heels to look fabulous, but end up hurting your feet. After a run or a walk, it is good to pamper your feet. A foot spa is an amazing way to achieve the above. It leaves your feet in great shape and relaxed.

The tips below will help you in making a spa on your own

Lukewarm water in a basin

Select an oil of your choice and add to the lukewarm water. Peppermint oil is good for reviving your feet. Lavender oil is good for soothing the feet. To make them soft, use almond and milk oil. Clean your feet properly to benefit form the treatments above.

Soak your feet

Put your feet in the mixture for not less than five minutes. If you used the almond oil and milk oil, it is advised that you soak for more than fifteen minutes.

A soft towel

After soaking, using a soft towel to dry up your feet. After that, remove all dirt and clip the toenails.


Use a rich balm or cream to massage. Use a hand held foot rubber if the bottom of your feet is not still smooth. Note cracks, warts and peeling areas on the feet while dong the massage. If they are in bad condition, book an appointment with the doctor.

Body lotion

Use your favorite moisturizer of lotion on your feet after the massage. It leaves you smelling sweet and gives a soft touch. If you want to polish the nails, remove the lotion with a polish remover. Otherwise, it will interfere with the nail polish.

Paint the toenails

After the above procedures, it is now time to polish the nails. Use your favorite nail polish and of course choose your favorite color. For a glossier finish, use a polish that takes some time to dry. After the first coat, apply a second coat that dries faster. Wait for about half an hour before putting on closed shoes.

If you have been wondering how to treat your feet from home, you are now sorted. Follow the guide above step by step and your feet will never be the same again. For better results perform the procedure as often as possible.