How To Make Teeth Brushing Fun For The Kids

Teaching children about brushing their teeth might turn out a hard task. Kids are not aware of the many benefits of having healthy, clean gums and teeth. Some see it as such a hard thing to do and a waste of time. The older the kids become difficult the training becomes. There are many creative ways to help kids love brushing teeth, but if you do not like brushing you can be sure it will be more difficult for the little ones. To make it fun, you must love it yourself.

Read on to get tips on how to make teeth brushing fun for your children


Dentist recommends that teeth should be brushed for two minutes. Many people do not follow this. Fr children this seems an eternity. To make the period shorter and enjoyable, distract them with their favorite songs. Choose a song which will play for at least two minutes. Brush your teeth as a family to make it more fun. Your children will see you as role models.

Offer rewards

Reward them after the exercise is done. You can draw up a chart and give it to your kid’s to tick every time they brush their teeth. Set a goal like must brush every day for a whole week. Reward them ice cream, a movie or anything else they like. Rewards make them proud and excited. They will be looking forward to the gifts hence keep brushing more.

Tell a story

Read stories that bring out the importance of brushing to your children. Make it up so that by the end of it, your kid will turn out to be the hero from brushing her teeth. Choose a story that matches her characters, for instance, a princess brushing to get ready for a competition, or a lion who wants to remove green leaves from his teeth.

Lead by example

Kids are good observers. They learn and pick habits from their older siblings and parents. Try brushing the same time with them so that they copy what you are doing. Such also creates a routine which will stick. Brushing together is a good way to spend time together and have fun.

Let them select the toothbrush and toothpaste

Allow them to choose the brush and toothpaste they want to use. Get exciting toothbrushes like ones that spin, of get one with their favorite cartoon on it. There is numerous baby friendly toothpaste as well. They are available in favorite baby flavors. Let them choose the flavor they love most.…

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